Matt Jezyk

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Matt Jezyk works as the Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Tesla in the group that designs and builds the ‘Gigafactories’. He develops software to smooth out the design, fabrication and construction process. Matt’s group is responsible for developing smart factories for upcoming Tesla products.

Prior to his current role, Matt was the Senior Engineering Manager for AEC Generative Design at Autodesk. He has been in the AEC industry for 23+ years and has spent the past 20 years developing Autodesk Revit and various other design tools. Matt helped build Revit Architecture and Revit Structure and led the team at Autodesk responsible for developing Dynamo (computational design) and Project Refinery (optimization and generative design). Dynamo is now being used around the world and has an amazing community of users who now teach these techniques at many events and conferences.

Matt’s group also has explored new ways of building by connecting computational and generative design directly to digital fabrication tools and robots. Examples of this have been shown in the BUILD space in Boston and presented at conferences like ACADIA, SmartGeometry and Robots in Architecture

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