How is a Winning Team ‘Scored’ at a DBEI Hackathon

The DBEI Hackathon Europe 2019 is a 1-Day design sprint-like competition where teams work together on a specific idea, with the goal to create usable software or hardware prototype, or product by the end of the event.  This year’s theme is “Generative Design in Practice”. Given that it is a 1-Day event, the Hackathon Europe […]

Steel and the circular economy: design for deconstruction and reuse

by Ricardo Pimentel & Dr. Michael Sansom There is growing pressure on the construction industry to be more resource efficient, reduce waste and to lower embodied carbon impacts. More recently, circular economy concepts are being promoted, particularly at the EU level, with a roadmap developed to support a shift towards a resource efficient, low carbon […]

Good Content = Happiness! A look at the BCS Europe Stream

With just one month before the BIM showdown of the year, its time to take a good look at the Building Content Summit (BCS) stream running on the first two days of BILT Europe (and remember, all BILT delegates have access to BCS sessions as well, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty […]

Day 2 – Practical solutions to the content problems we all have

Welcome back to our rundown of the second day of the Building Content Summit (BCS) stream. If you missed the first part (spoiler alert: Day 1 is all about perspectives and insights go have a read here). We will open with none other than Jon Mirtschin, Director of Geometry Gym and board member of BuildingSmart […]

DBEI Hackathon – The Fruits of Labour

Recently we posted and shared the video of the Winning Team at DBEI Hackathon NA ‘The Clash’ presenting their project at the closing ceremony of Digital Built Week North America 2019. In this article we share what they and the rest of the teams created!   Over 1.5 days, each group in the DBEI Hackathon […]

Why BILT Academy matters

by Alexine Gordon-Stewart Last year, I was able to witness the awesomeness of BILT Academy first-hand. We are such firm believers in this utterly unique program, that this year we (royal BIM Track we) decided to co-sponsor the pre-event function with LivingRoomCraftZ. If you’re a student in Europe or know of an eager young mind, […]

Speaker Spotlight: Adam Box

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Box, from Topcon Positioning Group to tell us a little about him and his upcoming session, “So What Happens Next?…and What Could Happen?” at this year’s BILT Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland! Who are you – tell us what you really do and help us to get […]

The BIM ecosystem and the integration of parametric design for sustainability at early design stages

by Pedro Santiago Buildings have a huge impact on the planet. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings account for an average of 41% of the world’s energy use. This number is confirmed by the UN in it’s Global Status Report where it’s predicted that over the next 40 years, the world is […]

BILT Europe 2019 is an investment in you and the success of your company

BILT Europe 2019 is only several weeks away and there’s still time to register and attend. With a bit of planning you’ll be able to explain to your director the importance of attending this year’s conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. First of all, BILT presents the best of the best world class solutions. Our industry experts […]

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