Digital Built Week NA 2019 Official Podcast Partner: Art of Construction Podcast with Devon Tilly

DBEI is pleased to announce Devon Tilly’s Art of Construction as the official podcast partner across Digital Built Week 2019!

Digital Built Week is seven weeks away and we’ve asked Devon to interview six amazing speakers at the conference as a lead up to the event. In this week’s episode of Art of Construction, Devon chats with Mac Little of VIATechnik about the power of artificial intelligence and information modeling and the potential for this new technology to rapidly improve operations in architecture and construction.

Mac Little grew up in the architecture world, trying out many parts of it before deciding he’d have the most value integrating new technology into the design and building process. With VIATechnik he is doing just that, working with many in the construction industry to figure out ways that information modeling, VR and machine learning can improve their operations.

The title of the Mac’s presentation during BILT is, “The Living Machine.” Attend Mac’s session and then continue the conversation during evening functions by registering for BILT today!

This is Episode 147 of The Art of Construction – so please scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to get started. Devon has been a dedicated AOC podcaster for nearly five years! That’s before it was cool, kids! 🙂

Check out Devon’s interview with Mac! And don’t forget to hang out with Devon during the conference. His energy, enthusiasm and experience is wonderful!

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